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Little is remembered now that Hugo Lindo, in 1953, took charge of directing the Editorial Department of the Ministry of Culture, the forerunner of the current Directorate of Publications and Forms, DPI, and that during his brief but intense administration initiated efforts to get the local machine that would breathe life into the first major publishing projects of the state institution.

For his protagonist and just link to the origins of IPR Salvadorans have a big debt with Hugo Lindo. But the public service performed within or outside the country, was just one facet of this integral humanism. It is in the broad area of Central America where we find the letters input without parallel, their indelible imprint

Abundant devotions, but devoid of altisonancias cyclical literature Hugo Lindo has the enduring features that make some real classic authors. It was his, after all, a vital mission for the word … ”We have chosen only a part of the work that we think is special, but the rest of the work is just as wonderful as Hugo's other books. We offer you buy book reports to get to know the artist's work better.

“Clavelia” is a book written by the author in 1936, ie when we have 19 years. This book is a Romancero. From here we extract:

He left without saying goodbye,
without shaking a handkerchief
and without looking back
dismissed by the hill.
As it reaches the
to withdraw presto,
without touching the door came
and vanished as soon as I
not escaped
or a sigh of my chest,
not because love is missing,
it for lack of time.
October shooting star
I had a moment his hands
mías between rough

October shooting star
it was lost on the hill
he left without saying goodbye,
without shaking a handkerchief.
Two lovers had
talk to him in silence.
Two of the same sin
sin to write poetry,
and I venture to say
that both were sincere.
He left without saying goodbye,
without shaking a handkerchief.
He and I despair
and cry on the hill …

He began publishing at a very young age. The Directorate of Publications and Forms CONCULTURA has collected in the volume of the Collection # 21 Origins of poetry Hugo Lindo, under the title “Tomorrow will be the surprise.” This is another classic worthy of being read and disseminated to future generations.

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