Education Assistance Program: Scholarship: US & ES. First 2 Scholarships will be announce fall in 2010.

CEA’s college scholarship will be offer to students attending college fall of 2010 both in the United States and El Salvador. The scholarship offer in the Untied States will be a 4 year commitment from CEA to the recipient. Marks of scholastic responsibility must be met every year for the recipient to continue to receive the scholarship. In El Salvador, the scholarship is for 2nd year students and CEA will make a 3 year commitment to the recipient. All recipient must apply by March. Winner will be announce.

It is our goal to incrementally grow the scholarship fund to offer more opportunities to Salvadoran students seeking a higher education here in the United States and El Salvador, to give them the opportunity to facilitate the path to obtaining an education, for example, by making available the opportunity to buy a persuasive essay or another college papers.. With the donations and sponsorships of our affiliates and members we will grow our Education Assistance Program to be able to offer educational opportunities to Salvadorans world Wide.

If you like to sponsor a Scholarship please contact us for details. Given back through education in our communities.


Mission Statement

The mission of CEA is to increase awareness of Salvadoran Culture & History within our local & international community. CEA will accomplish the awareness by providing Cultural & Educational services in our communities, both local and international.

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