Free Pediatrics Clinic (FPC), Phoenix Arizona, US – Ongoing 2008

With the help of Emilia’s mentor, Dr. Matilda Garcia,who has significant success in the medical field and works as an advanced writer at CEA hosts a quarterly free Pediatrics Clinic for underserved families in the city of Mesa, Arizona. The goal of the clinics is to provide preventive medicine to individuals that have no access to health care. The majority of patients are low income Latino families that either for fear of social status do not attend care provided by the state or do not have the capability of visiting a doctor.


Health Children Education: Online & During Quarterly Pediatrics Clinic – Ongoing 2008

Educating parents about their children health is an important factor in their children’s future. Latinos children are among the highest in obesity disorder in the United States. Simple healthy eating education can have tremendous impact in their lives. By providing educational brochures, and talking, teaching the parents about the importance of healthy eating during the FPC, we hope that we can have positive influence on the child’s long term health.


Mission Statement

The mission of CEA is to increase awareness of Salvadoran Culture & History within our local & international community. CEA will accomplish the awareness by providing Cultural & Educational services in our communities, both local and international.

Rincon Literario (Writers)

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