Mentoring Program

We are sure that the essence of the profession can best be explained only by someone who lives and works in it, so we want to form mentoring groups that will unite specialists of different profiles. We want to organize this project on a charitable basis, to provide the citizens of El Salvador with the necessary knowledge and help with employment, therefore, in the event of a successful completion of the project, the mentor will receive a qualified employee.

Depending on the complexity of the study, mentoring can last from three months to a year. The main condition is that knowledge should not only be theoretical. Each participant has a specific application goal that must be achieved before the mentoring program is completed. Education must necessarily contain both practical and homework, as well as a kind thesis, after which the skills acquired by a person will be certified. In case of problems with this task, buy thesis online is allowed.

Mission Statement

The mission of CEA is to increase awareness of Salvadoran Culture & History within our local & international community. CEA will accomplish the awareness by providing Cultural & Educational services in our communities, both local and international.

Rincon Literario (Writers)

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